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BizWareDirect data collection and data management is now Windows 10 compatible.


BizWareDirect is a software-development firm that specializes in industrial data collection and data management. BizWareDirect’s software products increase efficiency in manufacturing and utility facilities, and connect people to the plant.


BizWareDirect utilizes continuous improvement and advancements in innovation to bring efficiency and ease to automated processes. Our products enable data to flow seamlessly through the diverse and complex systems within an organization, filling specific needs of each system along the way. BizWareDirect can help make industrial data more useful and more accessible to those who need it, with a product that is more affordable and easier to use than the competition.


Our successful development of innovative and practical data-collection solutions depends upon our associates. BizWareDirect is home to a team of creative, well-trained and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. Each member of our team is committed to quality and is eager to build and maintain relationships with each of our customers.

DataWorx 2020

DataWorx 2020 works with Microsoft Access and ODBC (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle). This software is made available in Connectivity to 1 PLC, or Connectivity to Unlimited PLCs, without the need of a SCADA system. DataWorx 2020 gives the PLC complete control over storage and retrieval while using report-by-exception technology to ease network traffic. The connectivity provided by DataWorx 2020 increases the accuracy and efficiency of plant processes, and allows for more effective management of resources. Industrial devices are able to conduct their own database operations, so records are always accurate and up-to-date. Windows 10 OS.

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DataWorx PLC, PK & EIP

$795 Connectivity to 1 PLC .  -  $1,795 Connectivity to unlimited PLCs

Product Showcase

Data collection and logging with direct PLC/database interactivity

Simple and affordable data acquisition and text-file logging

DataWorx PLC datalogger software for Windows, supports data logging from H0/H2/H4-ECOM Ethernet communication modules.

Modem-based data collection and storage for remotely located devices

Automation's answer for a Web-based dashboard

Displays real-time industrial data on a live Web-page - no HTML programming


"I am really excited about this simple, clean looking software! It makes me look like a genius to those who need the information it records."

- Craig Dobbis. Systems Integrator

John Electric Automotive

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