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Industrial Data is a monthly newsletter that keeps readers informed on what is going on in the world of automation and industrial data collection. It provides useful tips to make your job easier and occasionally finds humor in the work we do. Get PDF or text-only versions of the most current issue below.

Archived Issues


Download or print archived issues to learn more about recent trends and happenings in the world of automation and industrial data collection.


Industrial Data, October 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 10

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, September 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 9

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, August 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 8

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, July 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 7

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, June 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 6

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, May 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 5

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, April 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 4

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, March 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 3

Downloadable PDF 


Industrial Data, February 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, January 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Downloadable PDF


Industrial Data, December 2004, Vol. 1, Issue 1

Downloadable PDF


Automation Information (Joint with INTEWORX.NET), August 2003, 1.1

Downloadable PDF


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