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BizWareDirect Releases DataNet Enterprise, a Manager's HMI


BizWareDirect announces the release of its latest software product line, DataNet Enterprise. DataNet Enterprise is a web-based enterprise monitoring system that offers the basic functionality of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool or Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It provides a way to pull pertinent information from various areas of an enterprise and display it in an easy-to-read, consolidated format to enable management and plant personnel a comprehensive view of their facility and processes.


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The Decline of Chart Recorders in Industrial Facilities


BizWareDirect's DataNet OPC™ Professional software was developed to follow the cultural trend of bridging the old with the new. DataNet OPC Professional is a Web-based presentation and logging software solution that offers the latest in industrial data-management technology, while providing a better, faster and easier way to create the trend charts that keep upper management, customers and others outside the plant walls comfortably connected to process operations.


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BizWareDirect Releases DataNet OPC™ Professional Software


BizWareDirect announced the release of its latest software package, DataNet OPC™ Professional, at the National Industrial Automation Show and Conference, during National Manufacturing Week 2005 in Chicago. DataNet OPC Professional is a Web-based data presentation and logging application that makes industrial information conveniently accessible to those who need it to make executive decisions. It serves as the interface between plant managers or company executives and their operational systems.


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BizWareDirect Releases DataNet OPC™ Web-Presentation Software


BizWareDirect recently announced the release of DataNet OPC™, a new software product that keeps people connected to plant operations, without binding them to the confines of their facility. DataNet OPC uses OPC technology to display real-time data on a Web page, with no HTML programming required. Data is then available for viewing, printing or archiving on any computer, anywhere the Internet or company intranet is accessible. As an added benefit, DataNet OPC is able to offer a more unified approach to data display and logging, for plants that use multiple PLC brands.


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BizWareDirect Releases DataLynx™ Remote Data Collection Software


BizWareDirect recently announced the release of DataLynx™, a new software package for use in industrial environments. DataLynx uses modem technology to provide an inexpensive and simple solution to collect, view and store data from industrial devices regardless of location. DataLynx is now available through AutomationDirect, a BizWareDirect technology partner and a leading supplier of hardware and software for the industrial automation market.


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INTEWORX.NET Software Division Breaks Away to Form BizWareDirect


INTEWORX.NET, an engineering firm that assists manufacturers and utilities in automating and monitoring their processes, announced today that its software division would secede to form its own company – BizWareDirect.


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New Innovations in Software Improve Connectivity Between Shop Floor and Information-Processing Centers


With the recent surge in the number of PLC products available, performance and speed of control devices has taken a backseat to connectivity, as the latest industrial concern. As this trend emerges and connectivity becomes a more standard system offering, the ease and efficiency of a company’s connective systems is key, in order for it to gain a competitive edge in its industry.


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