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Database - System that stores data in a table format with columns and rows.  Allows adding rows, updating rows, deleting rows and retrieving rows.


ECOM - Ethernet communications module provided by AutomationDirect.


Ethernet - Network that allows from 10mps to 100mps connections.  Typically found in an office network for sharing files and printers.


Ethernet/IP - Open standard for device communication over Ethernet. Supported by Allen-Bradley.


HMI - Human Machine Interface.  Used for operator interfaces in controlling processes at plants and manufacturers.


HTML - HyperText Markup Language.  Code that describes how to present Web pages.


Microsoft Windows Service - Special type of program that runs in the background, regardless of whether anyone is logged in or not.  Automatically starts whenever computer is powered on.


Modbus - Communication standard for serial cables. Established in the 1970s.


Modbus TCP - Variant of Modbus that allows communications over Ethernet connections, instead of serial cable connections.


NT Service - See Microsoft Windows Service.


OPC - OLE for Process Control.  Standard communication protocol between machine devices and Windows PCs.  Used in DataNet OPC to allow displaying machine data in a web page.


Report By Exception - New technology that allows the PLC to have full control over data traffic. Unlike polling, report-by-exception logging allows the device to send data to the data-logging computer only when needed.


SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.  Full-fledged software package that allows control interfaces as well as data logging facilities.


TCP/IP - Transmission Carrier Protocol/Internet Protocol.

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