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Our Mission BizWareDirect's mission is the guiding principle that is at the very core of all we do. "To increase efficiency in automation by making data more useful and more accessible to those who need it, with a product that is affordable and easy to use." Data Management Is … Data Collection and Logging Remote Data Collection Database Storage and Retrieval Direct PLC/Database Interactivity Web-Presentation and Storage Viewing and Changing of PLC Data The software solutions found in BizWareDirect’s Product Showcase will save your business money and enable more strategic operations, by improving connectivity between management and the plant floor. Our Culture At BizWareDirect, it is our dedication that differentiates us from others. We have an outstanding growth rate that we contribute to our unwavering dedication to people, product development, and maintaining excellence in all we do. It is our dedication to quality and improvement that drives our sales. It is our dedication to customers, employees and affiliates that keeps our momentum strong. Our Inspiration The BizWareDirect Product Showcase is the result of many years of inspiration – inspiration from real people who work in the industry. BizWareDirect has a unique research and development team that relies heavily upon feedback from OEMs, end-users, integrators, plant managers, upper management and others they encounter while out in the field. When people talk; we listen. When the industry communicates a need; we deliver a solution.

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