Improving Automation Through Innovation

The world of automation now has a dashboard to call its own.

DataNet Enterprise takes data collection to the next level by offering an affordable manufacturing, web-based dashboard accessible to key personnel.   DataNet Enterprise is a software package that gives you the basic functionality of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to collect  process data that is reliable, accessible, and easily shared.In the modern automation environment, technology is able to store silos of data about plant processes. Now there is a way to extrapolate pertinent information from various areas of an enterprise and display it in an easy-to-read, consolidated format. Management can check key performance indicators (KPIs) and quickly identify problem areas upon which to take corrective action.


No longer must decisions be made from intuition alone but from solid, up-to-date data collected and compiled into reports that can assist in trending, forecasting, analysis, and business decision-making. Now management has a birds-eye view of their enterprise that they can use to get an overall picture of how the plant is operating in real-time, pinpoint problem areas, drill down to specific information that will define any problems, and give the manager the information needed to take action to keep processes at their optimum efficiency or to stop problems before they start.


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Automation's answer for a Web-based dashboard

A Plant Floor Database with Web-based Reporting and More!

DataNet Enterprise


DataNet Enterprise  – System Requirements and Compatibility

Software Product

DataNet Enterprise

▪ Pentium II with 128 megabytes of RAM

▪ At least 10 megabytes of free hard disk space

▪ OPC 1.0 or OPC 2.0 compliant server

▪ Windows NT (SP6 or higher), 2000, 2003, XP, 7

▪ Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

▪ Compatible with included Web server

System Requirements

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